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Discussion Realm

Discussions about JRR Tolkien and all of his works.

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Anybody , Moderated
Discussion of all things related to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Note: discuss_realm is a part of the tolkiens_realm ring communities.

Here you can have discuss anything Tolkien related. Got an essay you've written on Tolkien's Elves? We would love to see it! Think the Balrog has wings? Post your opinion? Have questions that need to be answered about The Silmarillion? Ask away! Want to talk about Tolkien's life or his other works? Let's go at it!

Just a few simple rules to keep this community a happy place:

1. Debates are great, but please be considerate of everyone, even those who don't share your same opinions.

2. If you have an essay you've written about anything Tolkien-related, we'd love to see it! Please just be sure to put it behind a lj-cut for the convenience of all members. :)

3. If you have a question about Tolkien's world, please feel free to ask! There are many knowledgable readers here who will gladly answer.

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